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Troubleshooting for air purifier
Publish:Dongguan Excel Industrial Co., Ltd  Time:2017-09-29

1.Unit shuts off unexpectely or does not operate.
Check that the unit is plugged into a working electrical outlet.
Check that the filters are installed correctly.
Check that the motor protector triggered. Unplug/replug into unit.
Check that the front panel is latched firmly in place.
Call Customer Service.

2.No air circulating from unit.
Unplug unit. Check filters. Clean Pre-filter if necessary.
Replace Charcoal and HEPA filters if necessary.

3.Increase in noise level.
Solution: Make sure the filters are clean. Replace if necessary.

4.Odors and smoke are not removed.
Solution:Clean or replace the filters if they appear to be heavily soiled.

5.Discharged air has an aroma or odor.
Solution: Check to see if the filters are heavily soiled. Replace the filters.
Air Purifiers emit small traces of ozone which may produce an odor. The amount of ozone emitted by the ion generator is below the safety levels, and it is harmless.

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